How to Keep Your Back of House

In 2015, the employee turnover rate for restaurants rose to 72.1 percent. It is the fifth consecutive year for turnover rate increases.

Both the highly competitive nature of the restaurant business and the young demographic that makes up a majority of the staffing presents challenges to employers. High turnover rates are both costly and time consuming. Offering employees a health insurance plan significantly increases employee satisfaction and retention, resulting in a more profitable business.

By providing health benefits, you not only attract and retain talent but also promote a more productive work force and loyalty to your company. How? A health plan makes you stand out among your competitors, giving you better employment choices and a staff is more likely to stay and invest back into a business that is investing in them. Ultimately, health insurance is an investment which cuts costs in the long run due to a direct decrease in employee turnover rate.

Rates for group health insurance plans can vary and are dependent on numerous factors specific to your business, industry and size of workforce. Additionally, there are often supplemental plans that can either be paired with or used instead of a full blown health plan. Call elpe to customize a health plan within your budget. We are free to shop with multiple carriers, providing you with competitive prices and the best option for your business health insurance.

For more information on how elpe can save your business money, contact us at


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