Oh Snap, Client Hates It! What do I do?

Let’s keep it cool and make sure you’re protected with professional liability insurance.

Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of the beauty industry is that it’s constantly in demand. Women, and an increasing number of men, always want to look on fleek. But youtube tutorials and Kylie Jenner’s snap-by-snap instructions can only go so far, leaving most people flocking to professionals for their best looks. The potential for success in this industry is limitless – but so is the potential for accidents in the line of work.

This is where professional liability insurance can be a huge asset to your company and employees. While customers can file through your doors endlessly and your employees strive to follow all directions, accidents or perceived accidents happen all the time. For this reason, having the right beauty salon insurance is crucial to protect your business from financial losses.

The beauty industry is personal and it’s extremely rewarding when you make people feel their best. But even the best-done work can be perceived negatively, and when lawsuits are filed or won, then legal fees and damages can skyrocket. In case the client says the new hairstyle or makeup kept them from landing the dream job or that massage has left a lasting headache, professional liability can protect you and your business by covering your legal costs and damages. With the right coverage, you don’t have to sweat the small stuff and can instead focus on making your business and clients beautiful!  Talk to elpe Insurance Brokerage and see what liability coverage is available for your business!


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